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Travel Guide - Hong Kong Travel

Hong Kong is one of the wonderful place to visit in the world. But there are few things which need to be considered while planning your trip.

¥ Do's and Dont's In Hong Kong

•  Visitors should carry a passport or other form of identification with photograph at all times

•  Name cards are distributed like confetti, so you should carry them with you at all times. Receiving a card without offering one in return is a signal that you do not want to make the other person's acquaintance or that you lack status yourself.

•  To fit in at a Chinese restaurant or teahouse, remember when someone serves you hot tea, it's customary to tap two bent fingers on the table as an expression of thanks.

•  By law passengers are required to wear a seat belt when available, whether sitting in front or rear.

•  Always ask for a receipt while traveling in a taxi. This helps you track down lost items, or the taxi driver.

¥ Commonly Used Phrases
Good Maorning Jou san
Good Night Jou tau
Goodbye Joi kin
Thank you (for gift/meal) Dor jei
Thank you (for service) M'goi
Yes Hai/Hou
No M'hai/M'hou
Where is it ? Hai been do?
How are you ? Nei hou ma?
What time is it ? Gei dim jung?
I'm sorry Doi m'jui
Hong Kong (Island) Heung Kong
Kowloon Gau loong
The Peak San deang
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