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Events in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known as the Events Capital of Asia. Hong Kong offers an exciting array of cultural and entertainment Hong Kong events. Hong Kong sees a lot of festivals being celebrated and these Hong Kong events draw tourists to the country. Below is listed a list of current events in Hong Kong.

Chinese Arts Festival : This festival, which is celebrated every two years (on even-numbered years), is quickly growing in popularity. The purpose of this arts festival is to celebrate the talents of Chinese artists from all over the world. Numerous events take place during the festivities including a number of dance, drama, and musical presentations.
Date: Late October or early November

Chinese New Year : This festival is by far the most exciting of the Chinese holidays and the current events in Hong Kong. The Lunar New Year, which occurs in January or February, is celebrated by horse races, a flower market, and a breathtaking fireworks show. The highlight of these Hong Kong events is the glittering night parade, which is fully complemented by special lighting effects and accomplished by a traditional fireworks extravaganza over the harbor that is said to scare away demons and ensure good luck.

Dragon Boat (Tuen Ng) Festival : Of the popular hong Kong events, Dragon Boat festival, which takes place on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month commemorates the death of Qu Yuan, a Chinese hero from the third century BC. Qu Yuan drowned himself in order to express his opposition to the crooked government of that time. The legendary events that followed in an attempt to save this brave man are recreated during this festival with a highly wrought dragon boat race, with the din of loud drums resounding through the air, and with many jumping into the Mi Lo River.

Hong Kong Arts Festival : This festival features some of the world's most popular works of art. Theatre, music, and drama presentations are also staged during this period. Events take place in numerous different places, though the major programs are held in Tsim Sha Tsui in the Hong Kong Cultural Center.
Date: February and March

Cheung Chau Bun Festival : This is one of the most vibrant and captivating Hong Kong events. The tiny island of Cheung Chau hosts the world’s only bun festival in honour of the God of the Sea, Pak Tai, to ensure fair weather and a good catch at the start of the fishing season, as well as protection against evil spirits. Spectacular bun towers, 60ft (18m) high bamboo structures covered with iced buns, are erected in front of the Pak Tai Temple as an offering, and the blessed buns are handed out to believers at the end of the festival.

Hong Kong International Film Festival : This two-week long festival of the current events in Hong Kong features a plethora of local and international films. A wide variety of programs are shown, featuring films from producers who are new to the cinema world, as well as those who have previously won Academy Awards.
Date: April

Moon Cake Festival/ Mid-Autumn : It is one of the major festivals celebrated in Hong Kong, as it is the most widely celebrated festivals for Chinese all over the world, and is traditionally a time for family reunions. At this time of year the moon is thought to be the biggest, brightest and most beautiful, and to celebrate this sighting colourful lanterns in a variety of traditional shapes are lit and all open spaces and hilltops are crowded with families and bright lanterns, watching the full moon rise and eating traditional sweet moon cakes.

Hong Kong Shopping Festival : Hong Kong has always been associated with shopping, so it is only fitting that a festival has solely been dedicated to this Hong Kong events. Special offers are in abundance, from retailers to restaurants across the city. The diverse shopping experience features a host of summer events and promotions, including Aqua Fantasia, a nightly multimedia light and water show that take place at the waterfront.
Date: June to August

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